Thursday, January 10, 2013

"The Revolution Will Be Televised..."

(I tentatively clear my throat.)"Umm....excuse me, Mr. Cox." 
(He sighs.)
"Sorry, Sir.  I know how much you hate to be interrupted when you are hard at work.  I feel awkward about it, but I have to hand you some importat information...Apparently, Tameika Meadows, the world's finest behavioral analyst and ABA programmer extrodinaire has informed me that though your work is displaying signs of brilliance (if not prodigy) she is not satisfied with the level at which you are performing. 
Now, before you take this personally and throw me under the bus, she also made it clear that she knows it is because I can step up MY game. In efforts to improve my execution as your personal girl Friday and sherpa into the heights of academic and intellectual aptitude, she has equipped me with an entirely new arsenal of programming.  All of which is designed to unleash the genius within you and to allow you the creative freedom that a savant like yourself needs in order to invent new art genres, compose original symphonic works, win Pulitzer Prizes and bridge the time space continuum.  Apparently, you have a list of diseases for which cures are waiting, several pastors awaiting counsel and a boy scout troop to lead.  Also, President Obama called to schedule your luncheon and the Cubans just said, "Ask him to check his voicemail."....weird.....Ah, yes, Prince William and Kate requested your suggestions for names as well as asking if they could be placed on your list of royalty desiring you to stand as Godfather.  And Sir, I promise you, as SOON as I put your new programs into play, you will have all the tools you need to attend to all these demands!  Thank you so much for allowing me this time in your schedule! So.....whaddya think about this?!"
(awkward silence)
"Yeah....I thought that's what you'd say..."
#Teamruletheworld.........stay tuned.

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  1. In my totally unbiased opinion, this post is the best thing I have ever read.